Paladar Latin American restaurant in Southwark, London SE1

Paladar - Chef's Table in the Bodega Paladar - Latin American Wines in the Bodega Paladar - Wine Dinner in the Bodega Paladar - Latin American Wines in the Bodega

What is a Bodega?


The term ‘bodega’ has different meanings in different places. It typically refers to a cellar or shop selling wine and food in Spanish-speaking countries. Within Hispanic communities in the US - especially in New York - it has come to mean a corner convenience store.

Paladar’s bodega sells our eclectic range of Latin American wines and spirits at attractive retail prices.

You can also dine in the bodega at our Chef’s Table. This is ideal for small parties of between eight and ten guests to enjoy lunch or dinner right in front of the kitchen pass counter, with a clear view into the theatrical kitchen. Please call or email us to book this table.

We also offer our wine and food pairing dinners, and occasional wine and spirit masterclasses in the Bodega.

The blue wall of the Bodega is currently home to changing exhibitions of Argentine artist, Irma Pellegrini’s “Little Wooden People”. These beautifully hand-crafted figures and leaves – are also for sale.