Paladar Latin American restaurant in Southwark, London SE1

Paladar - Chicharron - crispy belly pork Paladar - Torre de Atun (Tuna-tartare) Paladar - Prawn-Totopos Paladar - Pork-Carnitas Paladar - Tilapia-with-Chontaduro Paladar - Braised black beef with plantain

A small selection of our dishes

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Latin American cuisine is known for its variety of flavours, distinctive spices and fresh ingredients. We have gone all out to bring you a creative experience of fresh aromas and innovative recipes - and all dishes are completely gluten free: a coeliac's heaven!.

A la Carte Menu

Our 100% gluten-free a la carte menu is bursting with tasty nibbles and inventive, flavour-packed dishes, which are made to be shared. Rafael, our sommelier, is on hand to pair particular dishes with wines by the glass.

“Star billing must go to a dish of octopus tentacles sitting on top of tempura breadfruit, shreds of sugary sweet candied lime, and sharp pickled watermelon, a mouth-puckering delight. Cinnamon-dusted blue corn churros are another must-order, liberally dipped into pots of coffee dulce de leche and warm chocolate sauce”

Square Meal, April 2018

“The tuna tartare was not just a beautiful thing to look at, but was a festival of flavours, a triumph of textures and as many superlatives as you want to add yourself. If it had kissed me, I would not have washed for a week!”

Michael Holland, Southwark News and Weekender, March 2018

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Set Lunch menu

Our set lunch menu offers the local business and academic communities the opportunity to get away from their desks and partake of a hearty and healthy lunch without costing a fortune – all served up quickly, stylishly and without a fuss. This menu is available from 12 noon until 3pm Monday-Friday.

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Pre-Theatre menu

Our pre-theatre menu offers theatre-goers to enjoy a quick two or three-course dinner before heading to one of the neighbouring theatres. This good value menu is served from 5pm - 6.30pm Monday-Friday.

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Fiesta Menu

The Fiesta Sharing Menu is designed as a sharing feast for parties of between 12-30 guests. The dishes include some of our ‘greatest hits’and there is no requirement to pre-order.

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Wine List

Our wine list is hand-picked by one of the best Latin American Sommeliers in London. We love the big reds from Argentina and Chile but we also aim to introduce you to some subtle whites, vivacious sparkling wines, delicious dessert wines – and some curious grape varieties that you definitely won’t find in your local off licence!

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Bar Menu - Nibbles, Cocktails, Spirits, Beers, Soft Drinks

We like to think our bar menu is something quite special. We have more than 30 spirits – all of which are from Latin America. Apart from Pisco, Cachaca, Rum, Tequila and Mezcal we also stock some oddities that you are unlikely to find elsewhere in London! We always suggest savouring the premium spirits straight, but don’t miss out on our creative cocktails which offer a fresh twist on the classic Latin American favourites.

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