Paladar Latin American restaurant in Southwark, London SE1

Introducing Paladar

Paladar is a creative Latin American restaurant, wine bar, and bodega. Our cuisine is inspired by the foods, flavours and cooking styles common to many of the countries and cultures of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking America, including some Caribbean islands such as Cuba which are culturally Latin American.

In both languages, the world ‘paladar’ means ‘palate’ – referring to taste, appetite and appreciating the finer things in life. In Cuba a paladar is also a small, privately-run restaurant with character – which is exactly what we are!


Whilst London has a growing number of restaurants focusing on the cuisines of Latin America’s individual countries, Paladar brings something new to the city’s dining landscape. We bring together an overview of the best food, drinks and culture from across Latin America. 

At Paladar you can discover flavours from Colombia, Ecuador and Cuba as well as Mexico and Peru – presented ‘London style’. You can also experience some of our more unique finds: gins from Peru, Colombia and Argentina, vodka made from Bolivian quinoa and wines using less well known indigenous grape varieties. 

In the adjoining bodega you can also buy our wines and spirits at retail prices to take away and enjoy at home or give as gifts to your friends and family.


Our Story

Paladar is a story of travel, friendship and great taste! 

  Charles Tyler, Director of Paladar on horseback in Latin America.jpg

When our founder, Charles Tyler, headed to Latin America in 2013 he was blown away by the quality of the wines and spirits, the delicious local cuisine, the friendly people and the energy and zest of the continent. The seed for Paladar was sown. 


The lure of Latin America refused to go away, with the thought of showcasing the products and experiences he had found never far from his mind. This idea was encouraged by his close group of friends from the hospitality industry, many of whom were from Latin America – and who are now his business partners. 


To find the right location, Charles got on his bike…literally.  Cycling home one day in SE1 he spotted an ideal site at St George’s Circus – London’s first purpose-built traffic intersection.  It seemed an appropriate home for a restaurant that is also a culinary crossroads. 

People at Paladar

The Team

The eclectic menu and ambience is reflective of the diverse team behind the development of this exciting new venture. Chef Jose Rubio-Guevara is Colombian but grew up in New York and Miami and has lived for many years in London; our knowledgeable Sommelier, Rafael Cabezas-Castro, is Ecuadorian whilst our enigmatic front-of-house manager, Yalain Pita-Salomon, is Cuban.  And a dash of European flair is added from Cedric Gautier, our indefatigable French bar manager.