Art Exhibitions

Visit Paladar, discover Latin American art.

We have regularly changing exhibitions of original art and photography by up-and-coming Latin American artists - or inspired by Latin America. All works are for sale.

To date we have featured artists from Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico and Chile as well as a British photographer's impressions of Cuba through the lens.

We are always on the lookout for new artists/photographers who would like to exhibit their work. Please contact us through the contact form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in showing us your work.

Current Exhibition: Oct-Dec 2021

Title: ‘La Linea Invisible’

Artist: Ulises Valarezo

Paladar is delighted to welcome back Ecuadorian artist, Ulises Valarezo, for a second solo exhibition at Paladar. 

‘La Linea Invisble’ (The Invisible Line) features an entirely new series of brightly coloured oil paintings that draw continued notions of fantasy and surrealism.

The figures in his paintings embody his perspective on the world and the artist describes them as conveying ‘the vulnerability of a body rather than the appearance of the body’. He incorporates geometric structures, abstract figurative forms and isolated environments, drawing from his own human experience.

Ulises Valarezo in his studio


Memories (110x140cm)                                   £3,500

Light of the World (60x90cm)                          £1,250

Window to the Senses (60x90cm)                  £1,300

Intimacy V (50x60cm)                                       £1,050

Sacrifice (60x90cm)                                          £1,050

Skin and Branch (60x90cm)                             £1,050

Movimiento II (101x121cm)                             £2,200

La Linea Invisible (50x60cm)                           £1,050

Portal to my Thoughts (86x107cm)                £1,800

Intimacy III (66x91cm)                                      £1,400

The Silence Inside (101x121cm)                     £2,200

Intimacy IV (71x96cm)                                      £1,400

Intimacy II (86x107cm)                                     £1,550

Intimacy I (76x86cm)                                         £1,365

The Truth of Nature (110x140cm)                   £3,500