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Reserve a Table

Reserve a table

To make a reservation, please use the booking widget, which offers real-time bookings using the “instant book” buttons. Tables at the most popular times (7pm-8pm) generally get booked up first. 

If “instant book” is not available for the exact time you want, do check to see if it is available at a slightly different time or if there is a table in the garden.

You can make an enquiry and we will respond within 24 hours but generally it is best to use the “instant book” buttons. 

For a group booking please enter the number of guests, the date/time and make an enquiry and we will respond within 24 hours.

Last Minute Reservations

If you wish to make a last minute reservation (less than a few hours before you would like to dine) and can’t find an “instant book” table slot, please DO NOT MAKE AN ENQUIRY on the widget. Just call us on 020 7186 5555 and we will try to find a table for you!


If you are local and want to “try your luck” you are welcome to do so, but we suggest calling first to check how busy we are.

Eat indoors or 'al fresco'

We have four separate dining areas at Paladar – three of them indoors. Our secret courtyard garden is one of the most popular areas and is covered with a temporary roof to keep you dry. We have four powerful IR heaters to keep the chill off during colder weather, and sun shades and fans to keep you cool during warmer weather. Please note: we don’t open the garden for all sessions during the colder winter months.

Demand for tables, both indoors and outdoors is generally high in the evenings – especially at weekends. so we recommend you secure a table well in advance.

We take credit card authorisations to secure tables. Your card would only be charged in the event that you do not honour the reservation without giving us at least 24 hours notice (48-72 hours for tables of 8-20).

Group Bookings

Special seating arrangements and conditions apply to parties of more than 10.

We need to know in advance about guests with special dietary requirements and will try to accommodate these.

Reservation Terms and Conditions

We take credit card authorisations of £20 per head for all tables at weekends and for most tables on weekdays. At certain times of year (for example, the Festive Season and Valentine’s Day) we may request a card authorisation of £30 per head. We will not charge anything on the card unless you fail to honour your reservation without giving us at least 24 hours notice of cancellation (this increases to 48 hours or more for a total cancellation of parties of more than six). 

We understand that circumstances may change on the day and we will try to be as flexible as possible within the last 24 hours. We may waive the charge if you contact us and explain the situation at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively, we may make the charge and offer you a voucher to the same value to be redeemed on a future date. We are likely to make a charge on the card if either you just don’t turn up, or if you try to cancel the booking yourself without contacting us within the last 24 hour period. If the numbers of guests changes on the day, please let us know at the earliest opportunity. 

We generally take a reasonable approach to changes of number on the day and understand that one or two people could drop out. However, if the number of guests dining decreases by more than 20% of those booked we may make a charge on the card for those guests who are absent – particularly if we are not informed about the change at least two hours prior to arrival. Please also be advised that if the number of guests ends up more than the table capacity we may not be able to accommodate the extra guest(s). 

For private hire of the whole restaurant, or for a part of the restaurant (eg the garden, or the main restaurant) we require a deposit up-front at the time of booking. Please enquire.