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Our Story...

Visit Paladar, Discover Latin American Hospitality...

From Latin America with Love... and passion

The Inspiration

Our Founder and General Manager, Charles Tyler, was behind the once-groundbreaking creative Malay-Asian restaurant Champor-Champor at London Bridge, and is a longstanding resident of SE1.

When he headed to Latin America in 2013 he was impressed by the quality of the wines and spirits, the delicious local cuisine, the friendly people and the diversity, energy and zest of the region.

On his return to London, the sensory revelations of Latin America remained vivid and inspirational. Charles answered the creative call and Paladar was born.

The Team

The breadth of the menu and welcoming ambience is reflective of our talented and diverse team:

General Manager, Charles Tyler, is British and has a passion for all things Latin American. Head Chef, Jose Rubio-Guevara, is Colombian and honed his skills in New York, Miami and London. Sommelier, Rafael,Cabezas-Castro, hails from Ecuador and brings experience from several high-end London restaurants. Cuban Front-of-house manager, Yalain Pita-Salomon, has an irrepressible zest for life and loves to share this with our guests. Last, but very much not least, Cedric Gautier is our indefatigable French bar & operations manager oversees the day-to-day running of the restaurant.

Our Mission

Our mission is to showcase the best of Latin American food, wine, spirits, cocktails, music, art and hospitality to London at large.

Latin America often garners a rather negative image in the news. We want to change perceptions about the region and offer a multi-sensory dining experience showing a quality side of Latin America. We love to surprise our guests with unexpected flavours, sounds and views, and let them leave with a different perspective on the region.

Visit Paladar, discover the quality of Latin America!