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Our Dining Areas

Enjoy Latin American cuisine in four different environments

We have four distinct dining areas at Paladar. This page gives you an insight into each area, to help you decide what is best for you. Please select the relevant area when booking. Occasionally we may have to close the courtyard garden for operational reasons and seat you indoors. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us. There are also some FAQs at the bottom of this page, which may help.

Main Dining Room

Paladar Main Restaurant

The main seating area at Paladar offers airy and spacious accommodation for indoor dining. We offer a variety of table sizes and shapes, with our two circular tables (one for four and one for five/six guests) being particularly popular. There is also a soft-seating area in the entrance, which can be converted into a dining table for up to eight guests.

The typical seating capacity of the main restaurant is around 36-40 guests, depending on the configuration. We can also seat a few guests on the long, sleek copper bar counter, which is the focal point of the dining room. 

We typically accommodate parties of more than eight guests on long tables in the rear portion of the restaurant – for example, we can accommodate 20 guests on two parallel tables of ten.

We can also offer an exclusive hire of the main dining room for parties of 30-40 guests. A minimum spend applies and a deposit is required to secure the entire space.

Chef's Table in the Bodega

Paladar Chef's Table in the Bodega

The Bodega is a semi-private area right in front of the kitchen pass, where guests can watch the action in the theatrical open kitchen at first hand. 

The Chef’s Table is ideal for intimate parties of between 8-10 guests. Seating is on comfortable padded stools with backs and the table is higher than than typical tables. 

We recommend the Tasting Menu (with or without wine pairings) for the Chef’s Table, although this is not mandatory. We have a £600 minimum spend policy on this table in the evening (irrespective of the number of guests in your party) although we are prepared to be flexible with this minimum spend at lunchtime.

To secure the Chef’s Table, we require a credit card guarantee of £200. We will not charge anything to your card unless you fail to honour the reservation without giving us at least 48 hours prior notice of cancellation, in which case there would be a £200 charge on the card

Courtyard Garden​

Our delightful courtyard garden, hidden away behind the main restaurant, has become one of our most popular dining areas, offering “al fresco” tables all year round.

The courtyard is very protected, with high walls and a temporary roof to keep you dry in case of rain! During the summer, our sun shades and fans prevent it from becoming too hot and during winter the four powerful infra-red heaters keep the chill at bay.

We normally have just nine tables in the garden, and  a maximum capacity of about 32 guests.

We are able to cater to a group of up to 20 guests on a single table. For parties of more than 20 guests, we would generally offer exclusive hire of the garden for special functions. There is a minimum spend for exclusive hire, and we may require a deposit to secure the space.

Amazon Lounge

This exotic cozy den, which has been specially decorated in 3-D mixed-media by Colombian artist Rafael Rosas, is our newest dining area.

The Amazon Lounge can be used as a private room for parties of up to 20 guests, with standing space for pre-dinner drinks and seating on two parallel tables of 10. The room also offers its own en-suite WC facilities.

There is a minimum spend for exclusive use of the Amazon Lounge but when not booked for private parties, the room is available for two or three smaller parties of six to 12 guests.

We also use the Amazon Lounge for small business gatherings, private receptions, wine tastings and our “More than Just a Meal” experiences…. Please enquire for more information.

Paladar Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour around Paladar and discover our different dining areas! Just like Google Maps, you are able to click on the arrows to move from one area to another, as if you were walking around the restaurant. 

Click below to have a look at the seating options and the layout for the Main Dining Room, the Bodega (through the opening in the wall in front of the bar), the Courtyard Garden (through the door to the left at the back of the restaurant) and the Front Terrace (overlooking the pavement and London Road in front of the restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probably, yes, but it depends on how full the rest of the restaurant is. The Garden is moderately weather-proof, but in the event of strong wind or rain we will do our best to accommodate you indoors. We would normally know about this the day before if the forecast looks very bad. 

Please also note that occasionally (especially during  the winter) we may need to close the garden for operational reasons, in which case we will reallocate your table indoors. 

We do not generally open the garden at all during January and during the colder months we make more limited use of the garden. 

Normally we only offer the Chef’s Table for parties of between six and ten guests. However, if the Chef’s Table is not in use for a party, we can split it into two tables and then we can seat parties of two, three or four on these tables. Feel free to request the Chef’s Table if you are interested in being seated in this area – although there is no guarantee we will be able to fulfil the request.

For a special occasion we would recommend the Tasting Menu (with or without the wine pairings) when booking the Chef’s Table. However, if you prefer to order from the daily menu that is absolutely fine. 

Please note, however, that if you want to  book the Chef’s Table there is a minimum spend (including food, drinks and discretionary service charge) of £500, irrespective of the number of guests on the table.