Art Exhibitions

Visit Paladar, discover Latin American art.

We have regularly changing exhibitions of original art and photography by up-and-coming Latin American artists - or inspired by Latin America. All works are for sale.

To date we have featured artists from Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico and Chile as well as a British photographer's impressions of Cuba through the lens and a Spanish artist's focus on the Dominican Republic.

We are always on the lookout for new artists/photographers who would like to exhibit their work. Please contact us through the contact form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in showing us your work.

Current Exhibition (Main Restaurant):
Jul-Sept 2022

Title: Puppets, Objects and New Subjects

Artist: Mir Yam (Miryam Gonzalez-Rodriguez)

In this exciting new exhibition Colombian artist, Mir Yam, expresses the abandonment and evolution of a child’s toy from fantasy to reality. 

Her work is infused with personal experiences of literature, film, and technology. In each work, she develops a set of playful symbols, games, toys and systems that programme the newest members of society in a changing world. 

The  exhibition can be viewed from Monday 11th July and formally launches on Sunday 17th July.

Mir Yam 500

Espectáculo 152x122cm                        £2,200

La Naturaleza Interroga 91x122cm      £1,500

Nocturno 91x122cm                               £1,500

Olvido 91x122cm                                    £1,400

Evolucion 91x122cm                              £1,600

La Cena 122x91cm                                 £1,800

Uno, dos y tres . Otravez 91x122cm    £1,200

Cantamos? 91x122cm                           £1,400

Eliza 122x91cm                                       £1,500

Conservar 91×122                                   £1,600

El Valle 152x122cm                                £2,200

Divertido 91x122cm                               £1,400

Ternura 91x122cm                                 £1,400

Huida 91x122cm                                    £1,500

Asenso 122x91cm                                 £1,800

Puppets (6 pictures) 20x20cm            £ 150 (each)

Current Exhibition (Garden):
Feb-Aug 2022

Title: ‘ALWA’

Artist: Natalia Casali

Paladar is delighted to introduce Argentinian artist, Natalia Casali – a painter and filmmaker currently based in London. 

Originally from Chaco, Argentina, she studied Arts and Film in Madrid where she held several art exhibitions and started her career in theatre and television. In 2020 she was published by EWI ink for her short stories Unintended Tales. Currently she is spending much of her time on the post-production of her film Joaquin’s Theory.

Her dreamy, three-dimensional textured abstract works are created from natural products combined with a porcelain technique.

Current Exhibition (Garden):
Feb-Aug 2022

Title: Faith Killer

Artist: Alberto Huizar

Alongside Natalia’s textured abstracts, we are delighted to feature mosaic works by young Mexican artist, Alberto Huizar. 

Originally from Mexico City, Alberto has been travelling the world for the last six years, but only recently discovered his natural talent for mosaic work here in the UK in 2019. 

His works are a very personal representation of a tumultuous relationship which ended very sadly and left him heartbroken. 

You can see more of Alberto’s art and commission works via his Instagram account @huizart.m